Notes on planning and hope

I’ve been remiss in publishing the link to my previous Dispatches from the Finca column. The full December-January edition of Sol de Osa is available here. I’m tucked in there between Confessions of a sea turtle biologist, How to build a retaining wall, and a Tico eggnog recipe….

My piece, “Starting the Restoration Process: Notes on Planning and Hope“, was written with the shock waves of Darth Cheeto’s victory in the US Presidential elections reverberating through my skull and heart. All I can say is, I thank god for the finca. (Also thank the Internet, which allows you to google ‘quotations hope and trees’ and cite Warren Buffett, Robert Frost and JR Tolkien in the same column….)


As I write in the column, “The practice of restoration planning is a hopeful activity by definition. It requires me to have a vision of the future as something worthwhile.  What and who will be here in 20, 30 years, where I’ll want to build structures, when and how I’ll harvest timber, what trails and access roads I need for logging or visiting school groups, how we’ll get water and electricity, what cocktails we’ll enjoy from the porch while watching the tijeretas swoop and glide below . . ..

Beyond that, I find hope in the idea this little experiment is being multiplied in a thousand corners of the world, that your children and grandchildren will see this as a time when we began, collectively, to say: enough! Oops, yeah, sorry kids, we kind of made a mess of things . . . but in the end we still cared enough to try to fix it.”


That’s my brother and little 2-year-old Forrest, captured during a trial of my new wildlife camera. Forrest, I really hope we haven’t fucked things up too badly for you and Sylvia. We’re going to keep fighting to leave you a kind and beautiful planet.


2 thoughts on “Notes on planning and hope

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