The stories our trees tell us

Rats. I was having so much fun writing a bimonthly column for the local Osa free paper. But it appears that “free” also means “heavily subsidized by local businessman who can’t afford to do it forever”, so Sol de Osa has been abruptly retired.

Here, anyways, is the last “DISPATCHES FROM THE FINCA” column, at least for now…

The stories our trees tell us

Mango, mamón chino, malinche, mahogany, manú negro, melina.  I could have picked most any letter in the alphabet but let’s go with “M”. These are a few of the tree species I’ve either already got growing in my finca, or will be planting during the 2017 planting season. Each one has a story to tell, deeply linked with human culture and history.  Learning these hows and whys of each species’ journey over time and space, enriches and deepens my appreciation for each little seedling we are putting in the ground….

Click through to read the rest of this month’s Sol de Osa column.


My amazing Mangifera indica



2 thoughts on “The stories our trees tell us

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